If you live in Essex and require security then why not think of a CCTV Surveillance System to help prevent and deter crimes in your area. Having a CCTV system installed is a great way to protect your home, business or school and it will not only deters criminals but will also give you peace of mind to your families safety and your possessions, plus they are more affordable than ever before.

Evidence has shown that criminals tend to shy away from CCTV cameras as they will face prosecution by the courts when their recorded image is caught in the act of the crime.

The footage for a CCTV surveillance system is generally saved to a hard drive system which you are then able to view.

When it comes to installing a security system, you are best to get professional installers to do the job for you as they know the best locations for the camera, where it will be most effective and what type of system works best for each client and their budget. Sometimes a simple alarm or motion detector is enough, but if you want to find out who and when someone is trying to gain access to your house or business you will need more advanced technology like what a CCTV Surveillance System offers.

Infrared CCTV

If all crime was carried out during the day you could install any CCTV system. However, night time is a different story. This is where having a good infrared system is necessary to get an all-round surveillance coverage.

An infrared CCTV surveillance camera will either have its own built in infrared LED’s or the infrareds are placed separately near the camera and are needed so the camera can illuminate its coverage area when the light levels drop.

The more LED’s a camera has the more coverage you will get. Infrareds are needed to capture images when the day light has gone. These lights are generally not visible to the human eye or will emit a slight red/orange glow. The more you pay for emitters the less obvious the glow will be.

Advantages of Infrared CCTV

Provide accurate pictures no matter what time of day or night
Comes in a variety of sizes and models to fit all budgets and lifestyles
Automatic activation of night time and day time functions (they will even detect a bright light at night and adjust themselves accordingly) so no need to worry.
Keeps your insurance company happy
Innov8 is one of the most reputable security camera companies in the Essex area. They install as well as maintain your security system for you. If you are a business, home owner or school we can find a system to suit you. If you look around our website you will see all of the amazing things you might be able to do for your security. Please feel free to contact us for any matters relating to your security on email dave@innov8security.co.uk or 01279 305922.