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Access control systems allow you to manage who can enter a building and can be invaluable in protecting your Essex business. Electronic access control is a more efficient and convenient way to secure your building and its contents than using locks and keys.

Unfortunately keys can be lost or stolen and it can be both inconvenient and costly to change all the locks and reissue keys if this happens. It is also possible to copy a key, which creates further security issues. Installing an access control system for your Essex business provides a much better solution.

Benefits of an electronic access control system

Fitting an electronic access control system has the following advantages:

  • No need to replace locks if keys are lost or stolen – the system can just be reprogrammed.
  • The property won’t be left unlocked for extended periods as is often the case with locks and keys. Opportunistic theft and malicious damage is therefore less likely.
  • Both staff and property are protected during the work day as well as after hours.
  • Some systems can be programmed to allow different levels of access to different staff members.
  • It is also possible for some systems to restrict access during a designated time period, e.g. allowing only certain users access at night.
  • Access control systems can work in conjunction with alarms and monitoring systems to prevent or detect crime.

Types of access control systems

There are several different types of door entry systems to suit varying access control needs and preferences. Some of these include keypads, intercoms and token or card systems.

Intercom systems can work in conjunction with audio and video communications if these are installed. You could also link to an existing CCTV system. They also offer the option of dialling up to a dedicated phone number or to several different handsets.

If it suits your business, your access control system could also be connected to automatic gates, doors or barriers. This makes entry for those who are authorised convenient without compromising on security.

GSM mobile technology can be used to connect the entrance to the inside of a building without the necessity for cabling. The system can then be programmed to call a handset in the building or, alternatively, a mobile phone.

Vandal resistant entry systems are also available to those whose business property is situated in an area of Essex that requires it.

Access control in Essex and Hertfordshire

If your business is in Essex, Hertfordshire or the surrounding areas, Innov8 Security can advise you on which system is best for your requirements. We are fully qualified to the latest standards to supply and install all the key brands of access control systems, including BPT, Videx and Comelit. Why not give us a call today to discuss how a door entry system could make your Essex business more secure and protect your property and assets?

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