Innov8 is an experienced provider of burglar alarms in Essex. As an NSI Silver


Installer with over 15 years of experience in the design and maintenance of security systems we can provide you with the peace of mind to know that your home, business or valuables are protected by a company that is “Committed to your Security”.

Unlike many other companies within the security industry we are not preoccupied with selling only the most profitable products. Instead we have remained focused on the original objective of installing burglar alarms and security systems and can offer our clients a good product range and extensive experience to back that up.

We understand that for clients peace of mind and protection from loss is a primary concern and we use our skills, experience and unrivalled breadth of in house products and services to address this for them.

We offer more than burglar alarms to our Essex clients

In addition to installing burglar alarms for Essex clients we also offer gate automation system installations to not only provide an excellent visual deterrent to criminals but to also slow down or even completely prevent even the most resolute burglar from entering in the first place. Even the most advanced Dual path signaling NSI Silver burglar alarm will only notify you of a break in when it is too late, so using access control and monitored CCTV can work in tandem with your burglar alarm for a total solution. Most people would agree that prevention of a crime before it is committed is the most desirable outcome.

Even when a crime cannot be completely prevented, using additional security measures can hinder or slow down the criminal’s progress, thereby minimising loss or damage.

It is true that we cannot reduce the overall crime rate. Our aim, however, is to affect who the crime happens to by arming our clients with the best deterrents and security systems for their needs.

Please contact us for more advice on installing security systems and burglar alarms in Essex.We also install burglar alarms in Hertfordshire and nearby areas.