There are two main advantages of CCTV installation on your Essex premises. The first is as a deterrent and the second is for identification purposes when seeking justice for crimes already committed.

Naturally criminals don’t want to be caught and installing CCTV means that not only do they have to be careful while committing the crime but also about being identified afterwards. Attempts to disguise themselves may make them stand out as suspicious even before the crime is committed.


Technology advances mean that we are now able to detect and record criminals before they have even attempted to break in or commit a crime. If this is monitored then crimes can be prevented before they happen by calling the policy or security service or warning the perpetrator off on a public address system.

If however the crime isn’t discovered until afterwards the CCTV footage can help bring about justice by first of all helping to identify the criminal involved and secondly by providing evidence.

Domestic CCTV installation in Essexcctv-installation-image2

CCTV installation is useful for homeowners in Essex as well as business premises. Recent advances in digital technology have increased the quality of recordings while simultaneously bringing down the costs to a level that makes them affordable for the general public as well as businesses.

The installation of a small domestic CCTV system will allow you to monitor various areas in your home on your television and watch footage recorded on the previous day on your computer. You can also do this remotely from another internet access point or even from a smart phone. Luckily for homeowners cameras are also a lot more discrete than they used to be and can be more easily hidden so as not to be spotted or to interfere with the appearance of your home.

CCTV installation tips

In daylight it is generally better to record in colour as this makes it easier to see what is going on, but when it gets dark it is better to change to monochrome as it is much more sensitive and will provide a better picture when light levels are low. For this reason we’d recommend a camera that records in colour during the day and then switches to monochrome at night.

For even better night time visibility you could also consider getting the camera equipped with an infrared light source. Monochrome cameras can often pick up infrared light that we can’t see so doing so could mean that you are able to view what is going on in almost complete darkness. This is a real benefit as a large proportion of crimes tend to be committed at night and we all know how early it gets dark during winter in the UK.

Please contact us if you are considering CCTV installation at your Essex home or business premises and we’ll do our best to help.

We also install CCTV in Hertfordshire and nearby areas.