CCTV installation on your Hertfordshire property works not only as a means of identifying the culprit when a crime has been committed, but also works as an effective deterrent to those considering committing a crime on your premises.
Because a criminal will need to be extra careful not to be caught on camera or identified when CCTV Hertfordshire is installed, they may decide not to bother and look for easier pickings elsewhere. Hopefully any attempts to hide their identity if they decide to go ahead will also make them look more obviously suspicious and call attention to them before they’ve even done anything.

Prevention of crime is obviously preferable to seeking justice afterwards, and in addition to working as a deterrent, technology advances in CCTV installation now allow us to detect and record perpetrators before they have actually tried to break in or commit a crime. Provided this is properly monitored the police or security can be alerted before any damage has been done, or the offender can be warned off on a public address system.
Sometimes, however, a crime won’t be discovered until it is too late. In this case having CCTV installed can still be of benefit as not only will it help identify the culprits but can also be used as evidence against them.

CCTV installation in Hertfordshire homes

It isn’t just businesses that can benefit from CCTV installation. Hertfordshire homeowners can also install CCTV for added security and peace of mind. Costs have come down significantly over recent years, making them much more affordable to the general public.

Installing CCTV in your Hertfordshire home allows you to keep an eye on the various areas in your property on your TV and even watch recorded footage on your computer the following day. This can be accessed remotely from any internet access point or from a smart phone.

The recent advances in technology have not only made domestic CCTV installation more affordable and increased the picture quality, it has also meant that the cameras are much smaller and more discrete than before. This is good news for those who are concerned that a CCTV installation would mar the appearance of their home.

Other considerations for CCTV installation

As colour recording is usually better during the day, but monochrome makes it easier to see what is going on at night, we suggest choosing a camera that does both, recording in colour by day and then switching to monochrome when it gets dark.

An infrared light source will give even better night time visibility, allowing your CCTV camera to record any activity in almost complete darkness.

We’d be happy to answer any of your questions regarding CCTV installation in your Hertfordshire home or at your business premises. Please give us a call or contact us via the website to discuss your requirements.

We also do CCTV installation in Essex and nearby areas.