Innov8 are experienced in installing CCTV in Essex, Hertfordshire and London areas. A CCTV system is one in which the circuit is closed and all the elements are directly connected. This article introduces the main components that can make up CCTV systems of varying complexity.

The CCTV Cameras Essex and Hertfordshire

The starting point for any CCTV system must be the camera. The camera creates the picture that will be transmitted to the control position. Cameras can either be 240vac powered, or 12vdc low voltage powered.

There are typically three main types of camera used more recently:

  • Body camera – with a separate lens mounted on the front to suit the application, mounted in a large white housing; typically used in commercial properties to give a strong visual presence for crime prevention.
  • Bullet style camera – complete with infra-reds built in to the body of the camera for night viewing aid; typically used in domestic and commercial properties where a more discreet look is required for the system.
  • Dome cameras – extremely versatile in that they can be discreetly mounted or larger domes for more presence, can have infra-reds built in or not, can be wall or flat mounted, movable pan/tilt/zoom controlled domes, and come in a range of sizes to suit the property as required.

The Monitor

The picture created by the camera needs to be reproduced at the control position. A CCTV monitor is virtually the same as a television receiver except that it does not have the tuning circuits.

The Recorder

A digital video recorder (DVR) is a consumer electronics device that records video in a digital format to a hard disk drive. The DVR enables video capture and playback to and from the hard disk. The DVR come in 4 camera, 8 camera and 16 camera options, with varying sized hard drive depending on the amount of camera’s being recorded, and the time the DVR is required to record. Archiving of footage would then be extracted to a USB drive, or to a CD-R form the DVD-RW within the unit. The DVR can also be connected to a LAN for remote viewing via a pc locally, or remote viewing off site.

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