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Are you looking for a comprehensive security package for your Braintree home or business? Innov8 Security has a superior range of solutions available to safeguard your residential or commercial premises in Braintree or the surrounding area. We can provide services including CCTV installation, burglar alarms installation and maintenance, access control systems and gate automation to suit your needs. If you are ready to lock down the home security or business security of your Braintree property, then our team at Innov8 are ready to assist. 

Experienced Experts in Home Security and Business Security 

Innov8 have been leading the security industry in the Braintree area for over 15 years. Whilst establishing a dominant presence throughout Hertfordshire and Essex we have built up a considerable network of loyal customers and industry contacts. This has enabled us to provide a first-class service on every project we work on. 

Our Braintree customers can also benefit from our certified silver membership as part of the National Security Inspectorate. This accreditation demonstrates the level of training and experience that we have acquired which allows us to deliver excellent standards on all our projects. 

As we have developed a strong network and customer base throughout the Braintree area, we are able to obtain a lot of business through word-of-mouth rather than spending on advertising costs. Innov8 passes these marketing savings onto our customers, which enables us to deliver affordable yet sophisticated solutions to homes and businesses within the vicinity of Braintree. 

Protecting our Braintree Customers 

If you are looking for home security or business security within the Braintree area, you’re making a wise choice. The town is an attractive prospect for criminals in the region due to its strong commercial focus as well as large residential base. Connected by the A120 and A131 roads, criminals may even visit from outside of the immediate vicinity to carry out their crimes before heading on elsewhere. The latest security solutions will keep you protected from criminals operating within the Braintree area. 

Innov8 can assist in the selection, installation and maintenance of security packages to safeguard your Braintree home or commercial premises. 

Burglar Alarms Installation 

Top of your security wish list will be a burglar alarms installation which is an effective deterrent for thieves when they look to target a property. A working burglar alarm system will provide you with the reassurance that you have excellent home security or business security strategy in place. Innov8 supplies alarms which are priced competitively within the market, and can also have a positive impact on your insurance bill. Often, you’ll find that your cover costs less when you’ve opted for burglar alarms installation as your property will be deemed less of a risk by your insurer. 

Burglar Alarms Maintenance

As well as installing your burglar alarm quickly and securely, our team would also urge you to commit to regular maintenance of the unit. Your intrusion detection strategies can only work effectively if you know that your alarm system is in good working order. Our burglar alarms maintenance package involves periodic testing of the unit so you have peace of mind that it would sound the alert in the event of a security breach. Additionally, our professional team will be able to advise you when it is a good time to upgrade your unit. We can also provide you with a FREE quote to give you an idea of the cost. 

CCTV Installation 

CCTV installation systems use advanced detection features to provide you with HD quality images to assist in any security investigations. Any home security or business security strategy for your Braintree property could benefit from the addition of CCTV to your protection strategy. By erecting surveillance cameras around your site, either internally, externally or both, you can be assured that any unlawful intrusions will be caught on your surveillance feed. Not only is the presence of CCTV a deterrent for criminals, but it will also be integral to any prosecution case against criminals. 

Door Entry Systems 

Door entry systems are an important part of any access control strategy that looks to monitor and direct the identity of personnel moving in and out of your Braintree building. Access control may be attached to communal door entry systems, or else gates and barriers. You might come across access control units in residential accommodation with a shared communal entrance, or else in corporate office blocks. Access control isn’t just an important way to keep people out of your premises. If a security event takes place within your premises, then you will also have an accurate record of exactly who was onsite during the breach. 

Unauthorised personnel arriving at an access control unit will need to buzz to gain entry. Their communications will typically involve audio or video-based communications as part of an intercom system. For those who are already authorised for entry, they can use key cards, fobs or door code to move through the security barrier. These are all easily changed in the event that you need to modify your access restrictions – for example, if an employee leaves a company or a key card has been reported as stolen. 

Door entry systems may be combined with other security methods including CCTV or automated gates for added protection. 

Automated Gates 

Gate automation provides a strong barrier around the edge of your property which is extremely difficult to penetrate without your actions being detected. Stylish security gates will add value to your property whilst providing home and business owners with extra privacy too. 

Innov8 Security are leading providers of home security and business security solutions throughout the Braintree area. We also cover all other areas of Essex, Hertfordshire and north-east London. If you’d like to hear more about how we can protect your Braintree home or commercial premises, then get in touch. We will be happy to visit your site to provide you with a FREE no-obligation quote. Our security professional will always arrive in a marked van, so there’s no doubt about who you’re speaking to. Contact Innov8 Security today to arrange your first consultation. 


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