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If you need security in Dunmow, then Innov8 have you covered. Dunmow security solutions are essential for protecting your home or business premises from being the target of criminals. Unfortunately, opportunist and planned attacks are carried out on properties in the Dunmow area, so it is important to be one step ahead of any intruders by safeguarding your valuable assets. Innov8 Security should be your first and only port of call when it comes to selecting security solutions for your Dunmow property. We can offer products and services including automated gate services, burglar alarms installation and maintenance, access control systems or CCTV installation. 

Work With a Leading Home Security and Business Security Provider 

When you choose Innov8 Security to safeguard your Dunmow property, you can be assured that you are working with an incredibly professional and experienced team. We are well-known throughout Hertfordshire and Essex for providing top-of-the-range security solutions for our clients. Many choose to return to us for repeat business which helps us to avoid advertising costs. As a result, we are happy to pass on these cost savings to our customers, allowing us to provide affordable, quality security solutions in each and every project we work on. 

We are proud to have been working in the industry for more than 15 years, which has given us plenty of time to develop the best strategies and supplier relationships to safeguard your property. 

Industry-Level Certification 

Innov8 has also gained certification as silver members of the National Security Inspectorate. This is an industry-led accreditation which is only attained by the most reputable and qualified security professionals in the market. Our silver membership proves that we have carried out extensive training and are well-versed in best practices when it comes to security standards. Our NSI qualification ensures that we can pass on our experience and professional guidance to our customers. This is demonstrated both in the results of our installations as well as the detailed advice that we give our Dunmow customers. 

Securing your Dunmow Property 

With access to the M11 and A120, Dunmow can be targeted by criminals from outside of the area who are able to make a quick getaway on these main roads. Innov8 Security can provide you with a robust barrier to keep intruders at bay from your Dunmow residence or commercial premises. Both types of properties could benefit from solutions such as CCTV installation, door entry systems, burglar alarms installation and maintenance or automated gate entry. 

Each of our solutions can be used as standalone services, or in combination with other products for an extra level of protection. 

Burglar Alarms Installation 

Insurance companies are known to favour properties with an effective burglar alarms installation in place. They are less likely to have to pay out on buildings which have been properly secured with an effective intrusion detection system in place. They also know that criminals are deterred by a burglar alarms installation, which is why your Dunmow property will be at a significantly reduced risk if you invest in this measure. 

Burglar Alarms Maintenance 

Your burglar alarms installation is an incredibly efficient security strategy but you will need to maintain your device with some simple testing to ensure that it is in good working order. Innov8 Security offers periodic burglar alarms maintenance to check your device and conduct ad-hoc repairs as required. In the event that your alarm system is beginning to look a little dated, we can also advise and recommend a more effective upgrade. We cannot stress enough that having an old alarm system, or one which hasn’t been tested to check that it’s still operational, is equal to having no alarm in place at all. This is why we consider burglar alarms maintenance to be absolutely essential to anyone who wants to keep thieves and vandals away from their Dunmow property. 

CCTV Installation 

How can you emphasise to opportunist criminals that their actions are under surveillance? The answer is CCTV installation. By erecting closed-circuit television cameras around the outside and potentially the inside of your Dunmow premises, you’ll be sending out a visual message to criminals that any intrusion attempt will be recorded and used in a police investigation. The latest standards of CCTV installation are incredibly sophisticated and include detailed imagery and zoom-ins of car licence plates or facial identification to assist the police with their enquiries. CCTV is useful both at the time of a security breach, allowing you to respond in real-time, as well as providing essential footage to be used after the event. 

Access Control for Business Security and Home Security 

Door entry systems, which form part of your access control strategy can be used in both domestic or residential settings depending on the level of security you wish to achieve. This works by requiring authorised people to use a key card, fob or enter a code to gain access to your Dunmow building. Visitors or unauthorised personnel would need to use audio or video-based communications running on GSM mobile technology to request entry from an authorised user. This type of door entry system is useful in commercial buildings and residential properties within Dunmow. If there are heightened security concerns or else, there is a communal aspect to the property, such as a shared entrance hallway to flats, then door entry is a great strategy. Such access control also enables you to log who entered the building and at what time, which is useful information if there is a security incident within your Dunmow premises. 

Automated Gates for Home Security and Business Security 

Automated gates offer a similar type of access control strategy to your door entry systems as they allow authorised personnel to pass through a gated entrance to your Dunmow property. We can supply electric, security or automatic gates to provide an additional level of protection around your premises. This is an enormous deterrent for criminals who would not consider buildings with automated gates to be an easy target.  

Are you ready to lock down your Dunmow premises and safeguard your property, personnel and assets from the threat of an intrusion? Innov8 Security are leading providers in home security and business security solutions. Get in touch today for a FREE site visit and no-obligation quote. 

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