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Homes and businesses in the Sawbridgeworth area need to be protected from the threat of intrusion. Opportunist criminals are always on the lookout for their next target, which is why it pays to secure your Sawbridgeworth property with home security and/or business security solutions. Innov8 Security offers a wide range of products and services to safeguard your Sawbridgeworth premises. Whether you’re looking for CCTV installation, door entry systems, burglar alarms maintenance and installation or perhaps automated gate services, our professional team have your security needs entirely covered. 

Experienced Providers of Home Security and Business Security  In & Around Sawbridgeworth

Innov8 have been delivering top-of-the-range security systems to customers in Sawbridgeworth and the surrounding area for over 15 years. Working throughout Hertfordshire and Essex we have amassed plenty of loyal customers who have been kind enough to spread the word about the quality of home security or business security services they have received. Without the need to pay for expensive advertising, we’re able to pass on these savings to our customers. This enables us to offer our Sawbridgeworth customers incredibly cost-effective and quality solutions to suit your specific requirements. 

Our ultimate priority is to set up an impenetrable barrier around your property to provide maximum protection and peace of mind that you’re safe from the threat of intrusion. When you select Innov8 as your security providers, you can be confident that you’re working with the experts. As silver members of the National Security Inspectorate, we have achieved industry-level certification to prove that we work to the highest standards in modern security technology. With extensive training and knowledge of current best practices, our customers benefit from our NSI affiliation as much as the professional advice that we’re able to give on each and every project. 

Security for your Sawbridgeworth Home or Business 

Located near to the M11 and in the vicinity of the A414, home security is essential to protect your Sawbridgeworth accommodation from the threat of criminals visiting from outside of the area. The types of home security we offer are largely similar to the options available for Sawbridgeworth business security too. These include CCTV installations, burglar alarms installation and maintenance, access control systems and automated gate entry. 

By speaking to our experienced team of professionals, we’ll be able to guide you to find the perfect solution for your needs. 

CCTV Installation 

By placing surveillance cameras around your Sawbridgeworth premises, you’ll benefit from knowing that every inch of your site is covered. Any intrusion or security incident will be captured on camera and you will be able to respond accordingly, providing the authorities with the footage to assist in their investigations. Modern CCTV installation uses sophisticated HD imagery to provide incredible detail of a person’s face, car licence plates or any other feature you need to zoom in on. But closed-circuit television isn’t just useful after the event. When you invest in CCTV installation, you’re benefitting from a security system which deters criminals from attacking your home or business in the first place. 

Burglar Alarms Installation 

CCTV goes hand in hand with an intrusion detection system, although your burglar alarms installation can also be used as an effective standalone service. Criminals are much less likely to target a Sawbridgeworth property where a burglar alarm system is clearly in place. With the threat of the alarm sounding as they carry out their work, opportunists are likely to move onto another target site instead. Your burglar alarms installation may also lower your insurance bill somewhat as a thoroughly secured property is seen to be less of a risk from a break-in. 

Burglar Alarms Maintenance 

Having a burglar alarm is an advantage in your fight against crime, so long as it is in excellent working order. If criminals note that you’re using an old model, or you’re aware that you haven’t had the device tested recently, then your burglar alarm won’t be an effective security option. Innov8 offers a burglar alarms maintenance service where we can periodically test your system and carry out any necessary repair work. We can also advise you when it’s time to upgrade your device to a more current security solution. 

Door Entry Systems for Business Security 

Door entry systems or access control solutions allow you to track, monitor and authorise access to your premises. This is a particularly useful strategy for your business security, although door entry systems are also widely used in residential buildings with shared, communal access. Access control allows you to prevent a break-in by only providing authorised personnel with key cards, fobs or entry codes. If a theft takes place within the building, you’ll know exactly who was present at the time which will allow you to narrow down your investigation. 

When visitors arrive at a door fitted with an access control system, they’ll be able to announce their arrival via telephone or video intercom. The installation of your door entry system can use either cabling or GSM mobile technology for the system to run on. 

Automated Gates for Home Security 

Automated gates also allow you to separate authorised from unauthorised personnel who arrive at the entrance to your property site. Innov8 can provide automatic, electric and security gates which act as a strong defence around the boundary of your home or business. Such a construction is a tremendous deterrent for criminals who know they won’t be able to drive close to your property, therefore removing the possibility of a quick getaway. Automated gates are available in a wide range of styles so you can find an attractive and durable solution to safeguard your Sawbridgeworth premises. 

Innov8 Security are leading industry providers in both home security and business security solutions. If you’re looking to lock down your Sawbridgeworth property and want access to modern security solutions along with our experienced professional guidance, then we’re available for your next project. Contact us today to arrange a FREE site visit, from which we’ll provide you with a competitive quote. Get in touch with Innov8 Security today! 

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