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Innov8 Security provides a complete security solution for your home or business in Stansted and the surrounding area. If you’re looking to safeguard your domestic or commercial premises in Stansted, Innov8 Security has a comprehensive range of options to provide you with maximum protection and 100% peace of mind. We offer burglar alarms installation and maintenance, home security, business security, CCTV installation, access control systems and gate automation. 

Why Choose Innov8Security For Home & Business Security In Stansted? 

Innov8 are knowledgeable security providers throughout Hertfordshire and Essex, with years of experience in keeping homes and businesses safe from intrusion. We are certified silver members of the National Security Inspectorate, which is a leading industry standard and proves our dedication to serving our Stansted security customers. Our work will always be completed to the standards set out by the NSI, yet you’ll also benefit from our competitive pricing, professional guidance and our punctual, tidy approach to each job. 

With over 15 years in the industry, we have extensive experience in delivering security solutions in Stansted and the surrounding areas. Over this time, we’ve built up a considerable network of customers who have returned to us again and again to fulfil their security needs. As we’ve been lucky enough to receive plenty of word-of-mouth recommendations, Innov8 doesn’t need to spend much on advertising. This allows us to pass on these savings to our Stansted customers. 

Crime in Stansted 

Whether you’re looking for security for your Stansted home or business, it pays to stay protected. Located next to the M11, and A120 as well as being home to an international airport, Stansted has plenty of opportunities to be targeted by criminals, both locally and outside of the area. If you want to protect your home or business from the threat of intrusion, you’ll need to invest in the latest security solutions to deter crime. 

Innov8 offers the following home security and business security packages for our Stansted customers: 

Burglar Alarms Installation 

Criminals are known to be dissuaded from targeting properties where there is a burglar alarm in place. If you haven’t yet invested in this essential security system, then our burglar alarms installation team will be happy to assist. Our alarms are competitively priced and are simply a solution you can’t afford to be without when it comes to protecting your property. You may also find that your insurance quote is lowered once your alarm is in place. Our professional burglar alarms installation team will fit your new security system quickly and with minimal disruption. You’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind that your property is entirely guarded against the threat of intrusion.

Burglar Alarms Maintenance 

Of course, having a security system will only be an effective measure against intrusion if you commit to burglar alarms maintenance. Home security and business security strategies will rely on your intrusion detection system being in good repair. If you had an alarm installed several years ago, then make sure it still works! Our burglar alarms maintenance team will be happy to provide guidance on how frequently you need to have your system tested or repaired. We can also provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote when it’s time to think about upgrading your alarm to a more secure model.

CCTV Installation 

CCTV has been rated as the best deterrent to opportunist crime, by a panel of former burglars who were interviewed by Co-Op Insurance. If you have a home or business in Stansted that you want to protect, then CCTV installation would be an excellent investment when safeguarding your premises. Criminals don’t like the idea that their actions will be caught on camera. So, if they see that your property is under surveillance, then they’re highly likely to move on to a site that has less protection in place. As modern CCTV installation systems use sophisticated detection and HD quality images, you can be assured that this type of security is a true fight against crime. 

Access Control Systems 

Access control with door entry systems are an important way to prevent a break-in from occurring and this begins with tracking exactly who is entering and exiting your home or business. You can link your access control system to doors, gates or barriers. Whilst these are used to safeguard businesses such as office blocks, you might also see them in gated properties and at the communal entrance to a block of apartments. 

Authorised personnel can be provided with a key card, fob or door code to allow them to gain access to the building. Visitors to the property can announce their arrival and be granted entrance via an intercom system which may be audio or video-based. Access control installation can rely on cabling or else GSM mobile technology to provide the necessary infrastructure for your door entry systems. You can also link this type of security setup with other solutions including CCTV. If you’re particularly worried about the persistent threat of crime, then vandal resistant entry systems are available. 

Gate Automation 

A similar type of security to your access control systems, gate automation prevents crime by providing a robust and durable barrier surrounding the perimeter of your property. Automatic, electric and security gates are all a fantastic deterrent to criminals, and they also provide you with enhanced privacy too. If you’re looking for a stylish security solution which will add value to your property in Stansted, then gate automation is a great investment. Our team can install, test and maintain your gates. 

Are you ready to invest in home security or business security solutions? Innov8 Security serves Stansted as well as the surrounding areas of Hertfordshire, Essex and north-east London. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we’ll arrange for a free assessment of your site. We will arrive promptly and in a marked van, so you can be assured that you know exactly who you’re dealing with. From here, we can provide you with a no obligation quote. Contact Innov8 today to discuss your next project in more detail. 

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