Visonic Intruder Alarm Systems

For a completely wireless solution we use Visonic Wireless Intruder Alarms.
Visonic specializes in wireless security alarms. The wide range of Visonic Powermax home security systems and peripherals based on their PowerCode technology meet wide and varied safety and security needs.

Visonic have been developing high quality wireless alarm systems for four decades, and distribute too many countries. Visonic continually improve their product range, utilising new technology to solve real challenges in security.

Why Buy a Wireless Intruder Alarm System?

No Wiring to Devices
As there are no cables to be run to the detectors, there is a minimum amount of disruption during the installation of the system. Only 1 wire is required from a mains socket to the control panel for power, and that’s it!

Time Saving
Wireless, this dramatically reduces the installation time required in comparison to a hard-wired system. A major benefit if customers need to take time off work to have their system installed.

After the initial installation, the system can then be adapted easily should more detectors be required, or if the design of a room changes, sensors can be easily moved to a new location within the room to suit.

The system can be expanded easily, to cater for more detectors as and when required, from smoke detection, carbon monoxide detectors, to flood detectors to name just a few.

SMS texting or speech dialer is some of the communication options along with using a Yeoman Monitoring Centre, who pass activations on to the appropriate services if required.

Visonic Powermax Complete

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