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Powermaster 360r Tips

If your panel is showing an orange triangle and emitting a triple beep,you can follow the guide to find out what it is, and possibly fix it.

  • Locate the Ok key (below the display), and press it. Each time you press the button, it will cycle through the problems that it has.
  • Typical faults are, low battery on a sensor, siren, or telephone line fault.
  • You can silence the beep for 4 hours at anytime by pressing unlock key on a keyfob, or unlock and user code on the control panel keypad. If the panel clock is correct, it will not beep between 8pm and 7 am.
Battery Faults
  • Battery faults will be indicated by Z01, Z02 etc, low battery on a keyfob, will be indicated by F01,F02 etc, low battery on the external Siren will be indicated by S01.
  • We recommend to contact us to change any sensor/siren batteries for you, except keyfobs which you can do yourself, once changed, press a button on the fob to send a message to the control panel that the new battery is installed.
Power Faults
  • Check the panel has a green circle lit up underneath the display, if it is, there is power present,  if the displayed showed a power failure, it would have been a previous fault.
  • If there is no triangle showing, the panel either has no mains power coming into it, therefore check the plug/fuse it is connected to, or if the fuse and plug is ok and on, the panel may have a faulty power supply. Please contact us to arrange a replacement for you.
Please see pages 13&14 of the Powermaster 360R User Guide for more additional information.
Visonic Powermaster 360R User Guide

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