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15 Home Security Tips To Keep Your Property Secure This Summer

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for burglary. This is because many burglars take advantage of the fact that many people go away on holiday. In order to protect your home from burglars and keep your property secure this summer, it’s important to invest in home security devices and to ensure that you have all of the preventative measures in place. To help you keep your house safe, here are 15 home security tips that you can use:

  1. Put your lights on a timer 

Even in the summer months, you should ensure that you put your lights on a timer that will go off at a set time each night. This will help to protect your home as it will look as though someone is in the property, even when you are away. 

     2)  Install an alarm 

An alarm is essential for when you go away, especially when it is for a long period of time. Fitting motion sensors within your home will ensure that an alarm is activated if anyone decides to break in. Reliable and giving you peace of mind, you can enjoy your holiday knowing that your home is secure. 

   3) Hide your valuables

If you leave your valuable items in full sight, it will tempt burglars into your home. Hide any jewellery, technology, money, etc. in places that the burglar wouldn’t think to look – e.g the bathroom or the spare room. 

  4) Check that all of the windows and doors are locked

This might go without saying, but many people might accidentally leave the window or back door open when they are running out of the house to catch a flight. Before you go, take your time and check that all of the windows and doors are fully secure. 

    5) Get your neighbour/friend/family to check in on the house

If you are going away for a long period of time, ask a neighbour or loved one to go in and check on your house when they can. This can simply be a quick sweep to ensure that your house is still fully secure. It will put you at ease and will make sure that your house is still fully protected whilst you are away. 

    6) Don’t post it on social media

If you are going away, try not to post about it on social media. This will alert people into knowing that the house is vacant – giving them the perfect opportunity to scope your house and try to break in. 

   7) Install motion-detector outdoor lights 

Outdoor lights that are activated by movements are a great way of alerting neighbours that someone is in your garden. Encouraging burglars to move on, they can be installed both at the front of your home and at the back. 

   8) Install CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are a known deterrent for burglars. Filming the surrounds of your property throughout the day and night, they are a great way of capturing any potential burglars and keeping an eye on your home while you are away. You can also invest in a motion-activated camera that will send an alert to you once it detects activity. These can be installed on the front or back of your home.

     9) Leave your car at home 

When leaving for the airport, instead of taking your car, take public transport. This will give the illusion that there is someone at home, acting as a deterrent for potential burglars. 

    10) Leave spare keys in a secure place

If you tend to leave spare keys under the matt or under a plant pot, when you are away burglars can get easy access into your home. The first places that they look, you are practically handing them the access. Instead, invest in a safe and robust key box with a pin pad/code pad. This means that only those who know the security code can have access to your keys and therefore your home. 

     11) Put away any tools 

Don’t leave any ladders/tools in your garden when you go away as a burglar could easily use these to break into your home. 

     12) Ensure you have secure gates/fences

Before you go away, go around your garden and check that it’s fully secure and that people can’t easily climb over the fence. Similarly, if you have a gate, ensure that there are no weak spots that burglars could take advantage of.

    13)  Fit deadlocks

If you are unsure as to whether or not your doors are secure, fit deadlocks. This means that you will need a key to open the door from the outside, as well as the inside. It’s an extra layer of protection. 

  14) Purchase home contents insurance

Alongside all of the preventative measures, it’s a good idea to invest in home contents insurance. This will protect your belongings if they are stolen, paying the amount back to you. 

  15) Don’t fully close your curtains

If you fully close your curtains, it’s a clear indication that you are away. If you want to, partly close them so that it doesn’t look as suspicious during the day.

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