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Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Alarm System

You installed your alarm system within your home a good few years ago now, and since then you’ve not thought anything of it. If that does sound like you don’t worry; most people are the same. However, you might be surprised to find that an alarm system does need to be upgraded from time to time. Here are the reasons why:

Criminals Work Them Out

The older your alarm system is, the more chance there is that a criminal will have worked out how to disabled it or bypass it altogether. They know what the weaknesses are, and they could even have invested in technology that will help them to crack the older alarm systems and gain easy access to your home.

The newer the technology in your alarm, the less chance there is of any burglar having the ability to get past it.

Connected To The Landline

Many older alarm systems are connected to a landline so that those who need to be informed of any issues can be contacted immediately. This was revolutionary at the time, but today landlines are being used less and less, and it is now wireless technology that should be used instead – it is more secure, and can’t be disabled by criminals.

Even The Wifi Might Need Upgrading

If you had an alarm system installed that uses 2G technology, it should now be upgraded so that you can use 3G or, preferably, 4G tech instead. 2G technology is now obsolete, so you might be using an alarm that won’t actually work in the way that you want it to.

Easier To Control

Newer alarm systems are much easier to control. Using just one app, your smartphone can set and unset the alarm, check in on your home at any time (and when the alarm goes off), and much more besides. It makes a lot more sense to have an alarm system that can be integrated into this all in one technology, making life easier for you.


Your alarm could well be just a standard alarm, and even if it will work to scare away intruders or alert those around the area that something is wrong, it won’t necessarily help you to capture those who do try to enter – or actually enter – your home. Upgrading your alarm system so that it includes CCTV will give you a better chance of doing that. If someone tries to burgle your home, the CCTV will be yet another deterrent, and if they do still go ahead with their plan, you will be able to record what they are doing, and perhaps even have it livestreamed to enable the police to get there sooner.

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