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Security resolutions for the new year

It’s almost the new year, and with that thought probably comes other thoughts which include new year’s resolutions. We all do it – every year we take a look at the things we’re fairly certain aren’t quite right in our lives and promise ourselves (and possibly others) that we’re going to fix them. It could be getting a new job because we are miserable in our current one. It might be getting fit and healthy because we’re tired of getting puffed out doing simple things. Perhaps it’s about spending more time in the real world rather than socialising on social media all the time.

Whatever it is, resolutions like these are broken a lot of the time not because the person behind them can’t do what they said they were going to, but because they just don’t want to. A new year’s resolution will only work if you are one hundred percent behind it. Which is why home security is a good resolution to make – it is so simple to keep. No one wants a home that is open to burglars and intruders, so keeping that promise to yourself shouldn’t be hard at all. Here are some ways to do it.

Get An Alarm

If you’ve still not installed an alarm in your property, what are you waiting for? Whole house alarms and security systems that could even include CCTV are some of the very best ways of protesting your home from burglars. A ‘sensible’ thief is not going to attempt to break into your home and take any of your possessions if they can see you have an alarm – it’s just not worth the hassle for them. A ‘non-sensible’ burglar might still try, but that blaring alarm and the fact that you have caught them on camera means they won’t get very far.

Are There Weaknesses?

Don’t just assume that your home is secure because you have locked all the doors and windows at night or when you go out for the day. It might not be, and unless you make a determined effort to check for weaknesses, you might never find out (until someone else checks for weaknesses and uses them to gain entry into your home).

Walk through your property and check every entry and exit. Rattle the windows, lock the doors them push against them to ensure they stay where they are meant to be, switch off all the lights and look in from the outside – is there anything tempting on display? Is your spare key hidden in an obvious place? Make this a quick and simple new year’s resolution and you could be saving yourself a lot of problems.

Buy A Safe

You might actually want to get this done before the new year; you could ask family and friends to chip in and buy you a safe for Christmas. A good, solid, fireproof safe that you can bolt to the floor and where you can place your most valuable documents and possessions is a wonderful idea. Even if someone does get into your home, they won’t be able to take the most important things you own.

Buy Timers

Christmas and New Year are the times when most people are out on at least a few occasions, and they might not get back until late, or they could even stay away. If this is the case, invest in some timers for your lights. This will make it look as though you are at home, and makes your home less tempting to burglars. Getting into the habit of setting the timers is a great resolution.

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