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Door Entry and Access Control Systems For Your Business

Many businesses benefit from a type of keyless door entry system. It’s not just about security and being able to pick and choose who you allow to come into your building, but you can monitor the activity of those coming in and out. This is anyone from cleaning staff and visitors to the employees that you hire to come in every day for their work. You can also eliminate the need for keys that can be lost, stolen, or even broken, and you can withdraw access to your business immediately without relying on someone bringing back a swipe card.

Access Control Systems

Your business needs the best possible security to ensure that your data and information are prevented from theft. When you set up your business premises, you would put an IT strategy in place to ensure that several firewalls protect your information. The physical protection that you give your staff and your visitors are going to ensure that they can feel safe, work productively and adds that extra layer of security that you didn’t know you needed. 

Access to your building should only be given to those who need it, and where keys can be lost and stole, the access control systems that you install offers better flexibility in security systems. Access control systems can be operated with intercom, keypad, fobs or cards and – in some cases – biometric information. You can use all the information that comes from these individually recognisable systems to track movement in and out of your office building.

You can use systems that link together, so your access systems for the main doors can be connected to the gates outside the premises, too. This makes entry convenient while also being secure, and you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done everything that you can to ensure that your staff and building is secure.

Features & Benefits Of Door Entry Systems

If you are looking for a company to install a new access control system, or you are looking for someone who can maintain and repair yours, you’re in the right place. We have the technology as well as the expertise to give you the best possible experience of your new door entry system. We can harness the latest developments in access control to bring your business the biggest potential benefits. 

You can feel confident that you will get an even better return on your investment with improved security and up to date systems that are consistently upgraded. No matter how many access points that your business has, you can rely on our access control systems and door entry systems to have improved security. Turnstiles, sliding gates, intercoms, and traffic barriers can all be controlled with our access control systems, and we will ensure that all entry and exit points are monitored at all times. 

Here are some of the features and benefits of the right door entry systems you need for your business.

Standalone Access Control

There are many businesses out there that just need a single door entry system for the main entrance of their building. This is common for those who only have one entrance to manage in their business. A simple keyless entry system or intercom is easy to maintain, and we are able to install this for you.

Networked Access Control

Businesses that have several entry points such as gates and doors and that operate in a higher risk location may choose to go for something a little more complicated than the standalone solutions. Networked and integrated systems that connect all entryways and exits are an excellent solution for security management.

Visitor Card & Fobs

You can be in control of who has easy access to your business when you can create visitor cards and fobs of your choosing as you need them. You can issue the permissions that you want to issue as required, which gives you the flexibility that you need for your working environment.

Key Fobs – The Benefits

Key fobs remove the risk of losing the expensive keys as they’re not easily duplicated in the same way. You have the capability to disable and enable cards remotely as you need to, and this way, no one has to remember a code to get into the building, either.

Biometric Access Control

Some companies require a fingerprint or facial recognition ID, and you’ll find that these companies are of high risk, such as banks. These types of an access control system are generally more complicated to install, but they offer a much higher level of security for the users.

Monitoring Access Control Systems

When you have your access control or door entry system installed, you can have the facility whereby every entry is logged and itemised, allowing you the freedom to check over who is coming in and out of your business and when.

Access Control By Innov8 Security

At Innov8 Security, we can come and assess your business property and all of your access and entry requirements. Our expert team of professionals will discuss the solutions available to you for your business and, depending on the location of the property; we can also arrange to install specialist security solutions.


We are fully qualified to the latest security standards to install and supply systems from major brands. We are an NSI approved security company, and with one phone call to our friendly team, you could be on your way to the best door entry and control systems on offer in Essex and Hertfordshire. All of our advice is fair and objective, with honest and competitive pricing available. Our initial assessment is free and at no obligation to you, and we will deliver a first-class service to you every single time.


Innov8 Security will provide a personal and stellar service, whether you are a loyal customer or a new customer coming on board. With 15 years’ experience in the business, you can guarantee that we are dedicated to getting you the best security solution installed as possible.


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