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Video Doorbells – What Are The Advantages?

You may have noticed recently that there has been a lot of information being published and shown on TV in advertising about video doorbells. You may even have spotted these relatively new devices along your street – perhaps your neighbours have them, or maybe you’ve been considering having one installed yourself. It’s a good idea and there are many advantages and benefits to having this kind of new technology in your home. Here are some of the biggest and best.


You’ll Know Who’s There

The main aim of a video doorbell is to let you know who is at your door without you having to open it. This keeps you safe from those who you might not want to come into contact with – you don’t even have to be near the door, or get close to it, to find out who’s there. You will be armed with all the information you need to decide whether to answer or not.


Speak To Visitors

Another important advantage of having a video doorbell is that you are able to speak to visitors without having to open the door. In reality, this means you can ‘open’ the door without actually having to go near it – you can instruct delivery people to leave parcels in specific places, or let people know that you’re on your way but that you need a little extra time because you’re disabled, or you’re busy with another task. This can be done from inside your home or many miles away from it since the video doorbell system works through your smartphone; you don’t have to let people know you’re not in if you don’t want to, giving you an added level of security.


Can’t Be Bypassed

You might think that it would be easy for a visitor who didn’t want to be spotted to bypass the video doorbell and knock on the door instead. However, the video set up with the doorbell system works in this situation too, and will capture an image that you can check through later. This means you’ll always know who has come up to your front door while you’ve been away from home. Although in most cases this will be people leafleting or delivery post or parcels, you never know when you might capture a would-be burglar and that image can become all-important to the police.


Works At Night

Thanks to the innovative use of night vision technology, video doorbells work during both day and night, so there is never a time when your home is unprotected. This is a hugely important aspect of having such a device installed in your home, as it means you will always be entirely aware of anything that is happening around your property, no matter what time of day or night and whether you are there or not.


Security Camera

A video doorbell can be linked to your existing CCTV equipment providing you with even more coverage and the ultimate way to keep your property and yourself safe. By linking everything together, you can ensure that nothing is ever missed and everyone is seen if they come onto your property.


A Great Deterrent

As with any piece of security equipment, one of its great uses is that it acts as the ideal deterrent, stopping any potential burglar or thief in their tracks before they can do any harm or damage. Simply seeing a video doorbell, which will be clearly signposted as such, and perhaps any additional CCTV cameras you might choose to have installed, is often more than enough of a signal to anyone looking to commit an offence to go elsewhere. Of course, as an added benefit, if they do try to or succeed in breaking into another home in the area, your surveillance equipment may well have captured a good look at their face.



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