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The Benefits Of A Home CCTV System

Those who are worrying about their new car, their unique lawn ornaments, or simply thinking about the safety of their home often think about whether CCTV installation is a good idea for their house. There are a lot of elements to consider when it comes to CCTV for the home, and it does include how your CCTV system could help you and your family. Closed-circuit television is now the most popular choice for people who want their homes to remain secure. CCTV can be installed around the outside of the house, inside the home, outside the garage and – if you are looking for something super discreet – even in the lightbulbs!

Whether you need CCTV installed to monitor the activity going on outside the home or you need to keep an eye on your new car in the garage, it could be a lifesaver for your family. People have faith in CCTV, and it comes with so many advantages.

The Benefits Of A Home CCTV System

Having a CCTV camera or two on the outside of your home may feel excessive, but the benefits are enormous, and there are plenty of them. Cameras use modern and highly advanced technology to watch different activities around your home. Therefore, you can prevent things like theft and vandalism, and you can provide the authorities with the evidence that they’d need to conduct a thorough investigation. Here are some of the top benefits of a home CCTV system:

Crime Prevention

The most obvious benefit of CCTV systems in the home is crime prevention. When you install CCTV in strategic areas around the house, garage, and garden, you enhance your security. You can prevent crimes from happening purely because of the presence of CCTV. If you are living in an area of high crime, this is essential to remain safe. Your home is your castle, and if a few cameras can make a criminal think twice, then this is the reason to install it.


One of the most significant benefits of CCTV installation is the cost. They are becoming far more affordable now more than ever, and this is due to the advancements in manufacturing systems and digital camera technology. You don’t need to have a security guard or a dog in the house if you have cameras covering all angles. Instead, you can monitor your own security system, particularly as so many out there can be linked to an app on a smartphone so that you can view your home from wherever you are.

Instant Alerts

When you’re sleeping or away from the house at work, you have no idea how many people are coming up to the doors and windows and trying to have a look. With CCTV that is integrated into a smartphone app and WiFi, you can be the first to know if anyone tries to enter your property. You’ll be able to act on those alerts if you know that someone is in your house when they shouldn’t be, calling the police and getting the help that you need.

Watching The Kids

When you have CCTV pointing to the backyard, you can keep an eye on the children while you are inside doing other things. It’s an excellent way to allow them some independence while you do some much-needed jobs around the house. Plus, the children will be able to play safely, and you’ll notice if any of them disappear off where they shouldn’t be. Safety isn’t just about the bricks and garage you’re paying for.

See Who’s There

Having an outdoor security camera pointing to the front door allows you to see who is knocking when you are inside another area of the home. If you keep a camera trained on the front door, you’ll know if anyone is attempting to break in or if it’s the delivery guy! Most CCTV systems have a live feed, and you can view who is there before you make your way to the front door to open it. It’s an extra layer of securing your home.

Protect Your Car

Some people out there don’t have a garage or a private driveway. So, they’re only left with having to park their car on the road in front of the house. When you do this, your vehicle is at risk of getting stolen. When you have CCTV pointing toward the front of your home, you can feel at ease that your car is being efficiently monitored. If something does go wrong and your car is broken into or entirely stolen, you’ll have the cameras on hand to feedback the information to the police along with a full image of the thief.

Protects Your Valuables

Heirlooms, visible electronics through the curtains, the furniture you’ve saved for and bought – it’s all in need of your protection. The best thing that you can do for it is keep a trained eye on the house at all times. When you do this, you can deter anyone trying to rob you and you can even ensure that anything that is removed from the house is tracked properly.

Lowers Your Home Insurance

It’s always better to know you’re paying a fee for your home security system if you know it’s going to lower your home insurance costs. If you can save money in any way, then it’s a good deal to have a CCTV system with your house. 

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