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What Are The Top Benefits of Installing Automated Gates?

First impressions of your property are important, and they’re also easy to improve by simply installing automated gates at the main entrance. By doing so, you can change the perception that potential buyers, opportunist thieves or just general members of the public have about your home. As gate installation specialists we can either automate your existing gate or else supply and install a brand-new metal gate to provide an attractive and secure entrance to your property. Either option provides you with a host of advantages! 

Extra Layer of Security 

What better reason to install automated gates than to safeguard your property, your belongings and your family members? Installing a security gate at the front of your home is a visual deterrent to opportunist thieves who may be in the area looking for their next target. Electric gates make it more difficult to cross the perimeter of your property, particularly when combined with other security solutions such as CCTV cameras. No thief wants to be ‘caught’ trying to trespass, so a gated property is seen as too much of a risky target. 

Prevent Unauthorised Visitors 

From door to door sales to cars wanting to turn around in your driveway, if you have a security gate in place, these types of unauthorised visitors simply won’t be able to access your property unless you let them. 

Keeping People In 

Automated gates aren’t just for keeping people out though, they’re also a fantastic safety measure to be used to prevent children or pets from getting out onto the road. You can also let them play in the garden without the threat of someone wandering off the street to interact with them. Adding that extra barrier between the safety of home and the dangers of the outside world is a top reason as to why security gates are increasingly popular for young families. 

Feeling of Luxury 

When you’re driving down the road past a gated residence, most of us have that sense of ‘luxury’ that goes with this type of property. You can create the same effect with your own home by transforming your existing front gate setup, or else opting for a new front gate to your home. Such a decision is a key investment, which will likely increase your property’s value. 

Increased Interest 

Having a gated entrance to your property may help to attract more potential buyers in the future as well as pushing the asking price up when the time comes to sell. When movers are considering their next dream home, gated access is a huge selling point as this guarantees privacy which can’t be underestimated as a homeowner. Potential buyers will also immediately know that they’d be secure from the threat of crime in their new home, which may be even more important if you’re selling to people from outside of the neighbourhood who want the assurance of their safety in this part of town. 

Lower Insurance Premiums 

Those with gated access can usually expect to pay lower insurance premiums too. It makes sense that if criminals are significantly less likely to target a gated home, then it’s also improbable that insurance companies would need to pay out to cover the loss of possessions from a break-in. As a result, many companies will take your security gates into account when putting together your annual home insurance quote. 

Secure Other Parts of Your Property 

Although automated gates are commonly used as a security strategy to protect driveways from unauthorised access, they can be installed across a variety of commercial or domestic settings too. For example, if you have stables, then you might install an automated security gate at the entrance of your yard to prevent access to your prized and beloved horses. 


When it comes to the type of security gate on the market, the automated variety are by far the most convenient for the homeowner. With a manual model, you’d need to get out of your car to open and close the gate which can be frustrating late at night or in a heavy downpour when you’d just like to get inside your home. Similarly, in particularly bad weather, non-automated gates have been known to swing shut on your car as you’re driving through. These issues are fixed entirely with the use of automated security gates which can either be swing or slide models. 

Safeguarding your property, possessions and occupants of your building is easily achieved when you opt to install automated security gates. Innov8 Security is a market leading supplier, installer and maintenance tester of automated gate systems throughout Hertfordshire and Essex. With 15 years in the security industry, we will deliver a first-class service on every job we carry out for our customers. 

To discuss your requirements for an automated gate, please get in touch with our friendly, professional security team today and we’ll be happy to book in a FREE no-obligation consultation for you! Add that extra layer of security to your property by calling us today on 01279 305922.

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