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What type of CCTV is best for your business?

You might initially think that there is just one type of CCTV system – all you need is a camera and for that camera to feed to somewhere such as a control room (in larger businesses) or a laptop (in smaller ones) and that’s it. However, although CCTV doesn’t need to be and should never actually be complicated, there are some additional factors to consider before opting for one type of CCTV system over another. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself – the answers will point you in the right direction.


Inside Or Outside?

Many CCTV systems are perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but when it comes to the housing and mounting of them, that could be another matter. Where are the cameras going to be installed and how are you going to do it? Inside it might be a more simple matter of having a sturdy ladder and the right kind of bracket, but outside it might mean a working at heights permit and much more substantial housing. Check all of this first and at the very least ensure that you will be able to use the camera you choose in both indoor and outdoor environments.


What Environment?

If your camera system is going to be set up outside, how will it cope with extremes of temperature, for example? You will need to consider installing CCTV with an inbuilt heater to combat this. Inside might be more regulated when it comes to temperature, but what about dust from a factory or vibrations from noise? Will these affect the camera in any way?


Lighting can also affect the camera, and although you might think that you have found the ideal spot for it, if a big spotlight them blinds the camera, it will need to be moved.


Hidden Or Visible?

What is the main reason for installing CCTV on or in your business premises? If it is to act mainly as a deterrent, then it should certainly be visible. If it is all about discretion because you want to catch someone ‘in the act’ then it needs to be hidden. Size will be a factor here, as the larger the camera is the harder it will be to hide it successfully.


What Area Do You Need To Monitor?

When it comes to choosing the right CCTV for your business, one question that you must not fail to ask is: what area do you need to cover? If it is a large area you might need a larger, more powerful camera to cope with what you’re asking. A smaller area can be seen with a less powerful camera, but do you want to be able to move that camera remotely to ensure that you’re not missing anything on the peripheries?


Do You Need Audio Integration?

Audio integration on CCTV systems means that you – or someone such as a security guard – will be able to speak to anyone caught on camera, warning them to leave, telling them to stay where they are, asking them questions and so on. If your cameras are being monitored then it does make sense to have this addition too; after all, you don’t want to be helplessly watching as thieves make off with your company’s belongings because you couldn’t tell them you were watching and scare them away.


Equally, audio integration does cost more and if no one is watching your CCTV feed, then there is no point in adding it to your system.


Will You Need More Cameras?

You can start with one camera, but do you know if you will need to have more in the future? When you install a traditional CCTV system, it can be difficult to then move things around or add more cameras. You may need a system that is more flexible, giving you the option if you think it might be something you need in the future.

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