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The benefits of access control and door entry systems for your business

Every company will do some things slightly differently, but there are certain aspects of running a business that are the same no matter what your sector, or how you like to work. Security is one of these aspects; each business much ensure that its building is secure in order to protect its employees and the equipment and documents within. Access control and door entry systems are a great way to add an extra layer of security to your business; here are just some of the benefits that you will gain from them.


Remote Access

Door entry systems are useful if your office is upstairs, for example, or a fair distance from the front door of your office building. Having a good entry system installed means that you should be able to find out who is there (either through CCTV cameras or an audio system) before you actually open the door. And the fact that you can have remote access means that you can unlock the door from your office without the need to travel down to the door. If you’re busy and need to get on with a report or phone call, for example, this can make a big difference to your productivity.



Not only can access control and door entry systems make your building safer, but they can do so whilst being integrated into other security systems. Your alarm, for example, can be connected to your door entry system, so that if it goes off, you can see exactly who opened the door, and how. You will also get an accurate time when the break-in occurred, which will help police to track the criminal down.



Some of the more advanced door entry systems with access control will be able to provide you with historical reports if required. Your employees’ activities will be tracked so that you know when they entered and left the building, and potentially where they went within the building. These reports can be emailed or sent directly to your smartphone. You’ll always be able to stay on top of what’s happening in your company even if you work in a different building, or you’re on holiday, for example.


These kinds of records can be useful in many ways, from determining an ‘employee of the month’ to working out overtime and, of course, keeping the business as secure as possible. If something were to go wrong, the issue can be more easily investigated by police if they have a timeframe to work on.


Easy To Re-Set

If you do have a break in, or if an employee leaves, for example, without a door entry system you would need to replace the locks which, depending on the type of lock and the number of keys required, could become extremely expensive. If you have access control through a door entry system then this wouldn’t be a problem. You would simply need to reset the code or re-programme the fobs, and the building is secure once more.


If you have any questions about access control or door entry systems or would like to get a quote please get in touch.




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