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Intelligent Safety Solutions for our Schools

It seems unthinkable that waving goodbye to your kids at the school gates could become a poignant memory should anything happen to them before the end of the day. Sadly, with events at home and abroad all too vividly broadcast, increasing awareness of school and nursery safety is a right we all expect. Understandably so.

Whilst the most headline-grabbing incidents are very rare, many school security incidents are as a result of internal factors; bullying, rough play or genuine accidents can all impact upon the safety reputation of a school. According to research by the NSPCC up to 37% of school children would identify themselves as being the victim of bullying – with verbal abuse being the most common complaint. An increase in cyber-bullying has extended emotional consequences beyond school time and is another area of increased protection monitoring. By Law, all schools in England, Wales and Scotland must have a current and enforceable anti-bullying policy.



Of course, people (both staff members and pupils) need protection in school and at work, but actual equipment and resources also require protection. The average school in the UK spends around £6000 per student (Economic and Social Research Council) and a significant portion of this cost is translated into school equipment; Interactive Whiteboards, Computers and Lap Tops, Media devices and such. With apparently unattended buildings dotted in every neighbourhood, schools are a seemingly obvious target for theft and damage.

Innov8security have trusted expertise in managing safety and security in public buildings and schools. Maintaining a holistic approach to personal and property safety, whilst maintaining a positive learning and work environment is key to their success.

The first line of security which is important, and available through Innov8security is literally at the school gates. A school or college is a building occupied in a regular way; there is likely to be limited traffic either vehicular or human. Automated gates are important first line barriers; people are unable to roam freely, cars are fortressed and with a human patrol and/or additional CCTV deterrents, the perimeter is secured.


Door entry is a second line of defence; preventing unfettered access to school rooms and offices. Door entry design can be fitted and operated alongside a monitored CCTV facility (where remote operation can be used) or next to a reception area with staff. Card or code access points can also be fitted out with main areas; or beyond the public foyer or reception area.

Public areas both indoors and outside can be monitored by CCTV both day and night. A building’s weak spots, like back entrances or fire exits can be monitored in a central control centre; and alarms can be fitted at specific entrance points outside of usual hours. Corridors can be monitored remotely or simple recordings used in the event of an incident and provide valuable clarification or evidence.

For nursery classes, closely monitored areas are of vital importance, as a deterrent and as an extension of general care and duty. Groups of excited toddlers can soon run amok, even in the most organised environment, and well-gated and monitored areas ensure no gates are left open, or fences climbed. Staff can also be appraised in such situations, ensuring the demands of the youngsters are suitably met.

Innov8security ensures the safety of children in various establishments, through planning, consulting and installing comprehensive systems which cater for the demands of busy, child-friendly public spaces. This is where your most precious person spends hours every day and deserves to come home safe, happy and looking forward to the next school experience.


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