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Why Invest in Door Entry Access Control?

You wouldn’t leave your car constantly unlocked and you wouldn’t sleep easy knowing your front door was open, yet in businesses and shared access facilities nationwide, security measures fall flat at the first contact point; the entrance doorway.  Whilst personnel can be appointed at reception areas, or even on the doorstep, the margin for human error remains.  Furthermore, personnel are open to abuse or confrontation if security is an issue, and their protection, alongside everyone else’s, is important.

So, investing in a door entry system or access control technology is a cost-effective security measure and here are some reasons why.

Where’s the key?

Traditional locks require a key.  It is simple.  But staff members come and go, people change shifts and as a result key security, over an extended period of time, is difficult to manage.  Using keys may mean there is the need to employ an on-call or stand-by service should a building be unsecured through lost, stolen or misplaced keys.

The other issue is that keys can be copied, even security coded ones – a quick trip to a key-cutter can render your business or premises vulnerable and unsecured – you wouldn’t even know.

Time Spent being a Doorman

Another practical issue, where no specific company role exists for simply locking and unlocking doors all day, is that high volumes of visitors, or even deliveries, can reduce the staff response to security.  There may also be health and safety considerations if doors are locked and can only be opened by one or two staff members.  Experience will tell you, that if a key-holder is under duress, running back and forth ‘sweating the small stuff’, then leaving the door open for a minute or two (or longer) can become part of the culture.  It’s risky.

Who is where?

Access control systems can be invaluable in an emergency.  If swipe or pin entry methods are used, then an immediate record of personnel on or off site is produced.  If access is open, you have a fire roll-call at your fingertips.  If access to certain points is restricted, lone workers can be pinpointed as they leave an imprint of their day’s journey through using pin/swipe cards throughout the day.

Who goes there?

Sophisticated, modern systems can have multi-operational functions.  Front doors may be open access, triggered by an approaching individual, or buzzer system.  Once inside the building, access to other areas and offices can be locked-down to casual visitors or certain grades of staff.  In essence, security can be maximised where needed – so valuable materials, cash or confidential documents can be denied access to all but a few.  Furthermore, using computer technology, the frequency and duration of personnel access to certain zones can be recorded.

Access controls need not only be within buildings, but also for public areas like car parks.  Pin-operated barriers can limit improper use of costly land, and ensures staff feel that they and their possessions are safe and well cared fro whilst at work.

Various levels of products can be purchased to meet each Company’s needs; from fingerprint and iris recognition systems, to magnetic swipe cards.  Other forms of security equipment include proximity fobs or cards and pin code protected access control (with a regularly changed pin code of course).

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