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Door security is important to all householders . Here’s why.

“A very little key will open a very heavy door” wrote Dickens.

Sadly, a very average boot can kick in an insecure one. That’s not a comforting thought we admit. However, once it is realised security isn’t just a matter of luck we can take steps to improve it. Peace of mind is a very valuable thing that is taken for granted until it’s lost.

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Our homes are places of safety, where we relax, where we feel we are in control. We spend money on decorations and possessions and fill our spaces with precious mementos, collections and all the things we love.

It’s ironic that we spend money on things’ but not the means to protect them. Have you been in the habit of moving into a property and setting aside money for security?

We are keen to know how many bedrooms, the size of the garden, how grand the kitchen design might be. Yet do we ever ask about the security measures in place? Do we check windows, doors, gates, fences etc?

This is not scaremongering but a sensible reality check. Luckily, at this time crime rates have been falling but that’s no reason to become complacent. A vulnerable property, wherever it might be, is an open invitation to an intruder. Householders need to take responsibility for making a burglar’s job as difficult as possible. The main aim is to eradicate opportunistic theft that can destroy peace of mind.

Here are ideas to improve the security of your doors so that you won’t need to shut them after the horse has bolted!

How to improve security on the doors in your home against intruders.

• Once upon a time a key such as the familiar Yale locking system was sufficient. Like everything else in life crime becomes more sophisticated and we need to respond. If you have a timber door then a five lever mortice deadlock is your best bet.

• Consider fitting three locks. This will mean force cannot be targeted in one place only. Also it sends a visual message that you take security seriously.

• If city living is slightly more fraught than a rural environment everyone should fit what’s known as a London or Birmingham bar to create a strength on both the hinge and the strike plate of a door.

• Do not forget lock guards and a cowl for your letterbox.

• For contemporary uPVC entrance doors locking systems should be multipoint. These are fitted as the door is made. However, you might do well to fit an anti snap cylinder which adds further security.

• If your house has French or patio doors then take some time to work on these. Moving into an unfamiliar environment requires further scrutiny. Mortice rack bolts for French doors will bring peace of mind and multi-locking bolts on patio doors to prevent them being lifted away from the track can certainly give peace of mind.

Some sophisticated security measures are a cost investment but what one has to bear in mind is just how much the loss of peace of mind actually costs.


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