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How do you go about choosing the right security provider in Bishops Stortford?

You should first consider this question; which company will offer me the Service, installation, maintenance and support that I require to make my home or business as safe as possible?

It’s important to note also that most Homeowners insurance policies can provide a discount for installing an alarm system, dependent on the quality of a burglar deterrent it provides.

When searching for a security provider it is important to weigh your options based upon local recommendations, online research and the professional nature in which a business conducts its business.

Many companies will sell units to a customer for self-installation, others will install the unit but provide no support service, while others will install, maintain and support their customers continuously. The last option has proven the most successful at deterring intruders. Often follow-up support is overlooked as a requirement until it is too late.

It is also important to ensure that a provider is certified by the National Security Inspectorate; this will guarantee a professional service to the standard demanded by the Police, Fire and Rescue Services.

User education is the best defence against preventing false alarms and also helps the user to use the system to its full advantage. NSI certified providers will make sure that you and your family are familiarized to the installed alarm system and ensure that anyone in control of the alarm system is capable of using the interface whether it be a simplistic home alarm system or intricate business level model. 

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Many alarm installations can be customised to your lifestyle, taking your schedule into account to protect your belongings. This can be done by activating certain areas of your domain while you sleep or work, providing peace of mind when you need it most.

Innov8 Security is fully qualified to the latest standards to supply and install systems from all the major brands, including BPT, Videx and Comelit to the highest NSI Standard.

With over 15 years of experience in the design and maintenance of security systems Innov8 can provide you with the peace of mind to know that your home, business or valuables are protected by a company that is “committed to your security”.

By tailoring your installment to suit the specific features of your home; the architecture, the style and your lifestyle, Innov8 provides a unique alarm system for every customer. We discuss survey issues, and plan the scope and range of possibilities within a defined budget to ensure you get the very best solution possible.

Because there is such a diverse range of intruder alarms it can be overwhelming to decide which one can best suit your project and budget. For this reason Innov8 offers free assessments with no obligation to use our service and we are happy to answer your questions and offer advice to help you make the right choice.

While the market is awash with quick-fixes which can provide a false aesthetic of security, companies such as Innov8 strive to protect and deter burglars and threats with the best service possible.

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